Roof Repair Services for Your Quincy, IL & Hannibal, MO Home

Roof Repair Services for Your Quincy, IL & Hannibal, MO Home

Invest in Shingle Roof Repair Before the Problem Worsens

The roofing contractors at Williams Roofing can repair asphalt, shingle and rubber roofs. Whether your roof has suffered minor or major damage, we'll fix it so you can weather strong storms in comfort.

Call 217-740-4422 now for rubber or shingle roof repair services in Quincy, Illinois.

4 signs you need roof repairs

It's easy to tell you need roof repairs if a storm batters your home. However, there are four less obvious signs that you need to look out for:

  1. You see critters scurrying across your roof. While it's normal to see a few squirrels run across your roof, you might panic if you discover they've been invading your home through a hole in the roof.
  2. You hear whistling noises in your home. This is a telltale sign that your roof is damaged. It could be letting out air and possibly letting pests in.
  3. You notice black spots on your roof. You shouldn't ignore any type of discoloration on your roof. If you do, you risk mold and other types of property damage.
  4. You see nails sticking out from your roof. Not only does this mean your roof is coming apart, but it also means nails can fall into your gutters or your yard, posing a safety hazard.

We'll examine your roof and repair any damage we find. Schedule roof repairs from Williams Roofing of Quincy, IL today.